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                公司一貫堅持“誠信為本,合作共贏”,多年來與德國BOSCH(博世)、美國 Honeywell(霍尼韋爾) 、以色列RISCO(瑞斯可)、日本SELCO(聖威爾)、中國CHUANGO(創高)等眾多知名企業在安□ 防專業領域建立了穩定●良好的合作關系。









                Taiyuan Ruicheng Kemao Co., Ltd., which was established in 2012, is a scientific and technological enterprise focusing on the sale and technology service of intruder and anti-theft alarm products. To be large-scale and comprehensive is not our pursuit. We spare no effort to be specialized and perfect. So we only accumulate experiences in a limited industrial range and focus on a long-term development in anti-theft alarm.

                The Company always adheres to the principle of “put honesty first and seek cooperation and mutual benefits” and has built good cooperative relations in security and protection field over the years with numerous well-known enterprises such as German BOSCH, American Honeywell, Israeli RISCO, Japanese SELCO, and Chinese CHUANGO.

                The company possesses excellent technology service teams and abundant debugging and maintenance experiences of alarming system. According to users’ different requirements, the Company adopts advanced professional technologies from home and abroad to provide users in all fields with stable and reliable security and protection solution projects and high-quality and credible anti-theft alarm products.

                We insist on the service idea of “to be rigorous and pragmatic and keeping pursuing the perfect”. Its products are widely applied in many places including museums, banks, military forbidden zone, secret-related organizations, airports, governmental organs, petrochemical and industrial and mineral enterprises and houses. In recent years, it has participated in designing and transforming multiple key projects within the province, for example, intruder and anti-theft alarming system for Shanxi Research and Design Academy of Nuclear Industry, anti-theft alarming system for 110 directing center, intruder and anti-theft alarming system for military zones, intruder and anti-theft alarming system for the headquarters of Rural Credit Cooperative, intruder and anti-theft alarming system for Ruicheng Museum, intruder and anti-theft alarming project for Fushan Museum and intruder and anti-theft alarming system for prisons and detention houses. We have obtained a broad recognition and praise in the industry by virtue of superior services and strong technological support.

                Main products:
                ◆The whole series of anti-theft alarming system of German BOSCH
                ◆The whole series of anti-theft alarming system of American Honeywell
                ◆Original importing Israeli RISCO
                ◆Correlation products of Japanese SELCO
                ◆Wireless anti-theft alarming system of Chinese CHUANGO